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Poster: derkman96 Date: Mar 15, 2011 5:19am
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Shaft Theme-like theme thingy

Thanks, I actually have seen Black Fist. Funny I didn't think of this song. I think, if I am right, since the movie is PD, the song is also...? Otherwise, thankyou, I thought that educataional use meant I didn't have to screw around with copyrights but I'm still a little new to all this. Thank you so much.

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Poster: splue Date: Mar 15, 2011 1:23pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Shaft Theme-like theme thingy

ur welcome!! but no, what i meant is, as an "educator" you can avoid stringent copyright restricts as long as u are using it in an *educational* video---there's the twist

>>>we should all become *educators*--see? ;)

4 instance, u could technically use the Shaft actual theme that way too.
U do not have to pay royalties of even cite the work (my
lawyer pal assures me--he works 4 teh gov't)

the cc seal of approval *is* sometimes quite helpful--4 *real* people's art & music theyve created at home and uploaded---but as an safety net for copyright concerns it is useless (ISHO). they admit themselves that they won't come to ur aid, document real legitimate status of a file, etc etc etc-etc etc etc etc--so it's basically got ZERO teeth legally.

note: i'm not saying it's not an ultrakewl concept--it's just not going to protect someone making a michael moore type largescale *commercial* doc---lawsuits can appear there for completely different reasons or see the nina paley sita
example---notice that her film is not truly prevented
by the evil powers that be

but remember> Someone other than g lucas can easily post Star Wars and license it as by-nc-sa!!!
(Obviously that would be caught quickly, but i'm saying
if anyone can license at will with no real stops or checks, it's not a monitored system and it is not reliable).

(remember a cc license proclaims this and that with a kewl badge, but the preexisting LAWS give u huge latitude as an educator.
That is nothing cc has even created.)

4 ur type project--to educate a classroom or make an
educational viral video---how d'ya think all those viral web directors do it?--it's big loophole
>that's how they use news footage etc they haven't technically licensed or paid fees for or do mashups
of celebrities they never photographed themselves---note
they don't have to credit either!!

oh-- also call it *satire and public commentary* too---free use also kicks in 4 those (unless ur making a *commercial* release) :)

all that said, if u are still worried, u can also contact individual artists doing music in that vein that is clearly modern and licensed & just follow the licenses :)

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